10 Kid Friendly Nut Free Recipes That are Packed With Seeds


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Nuts and seeds are so nutritious and bring so many health benefits. We should all be eating more nuts and seeds. The only problem with nuts is because of the rise in peanut allergy, there are some places where nut containing foods are not allowed. Nut Free policies are very common in Day Cares, Kindergartens and Primary Schools.

In many cases however seeds make a fantastic substitute, packed with protein, fats and micronutrients, seeds are just as nutritious as nuts.

10 Kid Friendly Recipes Packed With Seeds

Click the photos to be taken to the full recipe link.  They are all fabulous, so be sure to Pin them for later!

1. Chocolate Sunflower Spread

Think Nutella but healthier This recipe uses maple syrup as a sweetener and sunflower seeds as a base instead of Hazelnuts. A perfect protein paced spread for breakfast, a snack or to use in a lunchbox. My kids love it!

2. Chocolate Fruit & Seed Bliss Balls

This bliss ball recipe is my go to. It is so easy and so flexible. I regularly make it with sunflower seeds which makes it cheaper and lunch box approved than if I use nuts!

3. Simple Sesame & Chia Seed Crackers

This recipe from baby led blog is simple. It makes around 30 seed packed crackers that are brilliant for snacks and lunch box fillers? Have you ever made your own crackers? It's actually easier than you might think

4. Birdseed Bread

This is a simple but nutrition packed wheat free bread. When your kids have this oaty, seedy bread for breakfast or in their lunch box, you will know they have had something truly nourishing and sustaining.

5. Spooky Spider Energy Balls

Oats, sesame seeds, chia seeds and coconut give these energy balls a great nutritious base! The face that they are also fun is an added bonus.  Grace at Eats Amazing is such a clever lady when it comes to simple but fun kids food.

6. Blueberry Banana & Chia Seed Loaf

I have made this recipe from My Lovely Little Lunch Box a few times and every time is has been a winner! Blueberries and Banana is always a winning combination and with the addition of Chia Seeds which bring, protein, calcium and iron, this recipe is brilliant.

7. Banana Pops

This recipe is super simple, but sometimes the most simple things are the best! Sesame seeds and Chia Seeds work spectacularly well on these Banana Pops from Feeding Finn

8. Seed & Tahini Lunch Box Bars

These look like they might be difficult, but they are not! And with so many different seeds including tahini you couldn't get a much seedier snack!

9. One Bowl Lunch Box Energy Bites

Oats and flaxseeds make up the bulk of these fabulously simple lunch box treats. A little bit of chocolate is in the original recipe from Real Food Whole Food, but you can of course choose to skip the chocolate.

10. Cacao Coconut Seedy Bliss Balls

Lucky last, one more bliss ball recipe. This one is interesting though, the coconut is not just sprinkled on the outside, these balls also have coconut flour as an ingredient.

So there you have it, 10 fabulous seed packed recipes. Perfect for snacks and lunch box treats. I hope you found some inspiration here.

Do you have a favourite seedy recipe?

If you do, let me know!

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  1. These look tasty! I have a little one off to kindergarten and it's a nut free school, so I'll be trying some of these for sure!