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Our children are energetic, creative and excitable individuals who no longer have the opportunity to roam and play as much as they used to. Now that our families are restricted to our own homes, keeping the kids engaged all day is a tricky - and tiring - task. 

For some of us this time together is a happy time with minimum conflict, for others, your day could sound like your reenacting the opening scene from the goonies and you’re wondering which kid is going to break the first object of the day. Now just throw in two parents working from home and you have a recipe for potential armageddon, the precursor to divorce and threatening to sell your kids to the circus.

Being the wonderful and caring parents that we all are, we are concerned about the negative effect screen time does on our precious little one’s development. Yet not all of us are able to devote the necessary time and energy to keeping our young ones entertained and engaged all day, every day.

For those times where we are confined to our homes, be it bad weather, sickness going around, or simply because you have to earn and work from home, there are some wonderful screen-time based activities out to truly educate and provide interaction with our kids.

Recent studies now show that it is not the amount of time a child spends on a device but the quality of the T.V programme the child is engaged with. Websites and programmes that allow for interaction to occur can help language development, can teach fine motor skills and are super fun and highly entertaining.

Follow this up with spending some quality non-screentime with your kids and it will all balance out in the end

Being in lockdown with our kids doesn’t have to be a battle and so take the weight off your shoulders with these brilliantly educational, interactive and entertaining screen-based activities including podcasts for kids

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