Why does my baby hate the bath? Tips to help


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People always talk about how babies find baths so relaxing, yet sometimes babies seem to hate it, and instead of it being a relaxing experience it is stressful to all those involved!

Does your newborn hate the bath? These are 5 tricks to help babies love the bath. They could make all the difference and take bath time from stressful to relaxing

5 reasons why babies hate baths and tips to help

1 Bath Temperature - Is it warm enough?

I find newborns prefer quite warm baths. i.e. between 37 and 37.5 degrees (38 degrees  max. This is actually fairly warm when you pop your hand in. Many new mums (me included are a bit tentative when it comes to bath temp and end up running them too cool.  My newborns hated cool baths, i.e. around 36 degrees. Get your self a bath thermometer, they are cheap and available at baby stores, pharmacies and supermarkets. Test the temperature of the water, newborns then you will know it is right.

2 Bath Depth - Is it deep enough?

Newborns love to be able to float. Run your bath nice and full so that they can float (while supported by you in the bath) they seem to prefer this over resting on the bottom of the bath.

3  Are they hungry? - Feed them first

When it comes to bath time, I have always found the feed-bath-feed sandwich is perfect for newborns. Feed one side, or a smallish feed. Bath them, then feed the other side or offer another feed. This way baby is not hungry while enjoying the bath, and hopefully if you are lucky enough after the feed bath-feed-sandwich they will be ready to snuggle down for a great night time sleep. Well that's the plan!

4  Make them feel secure - Cover them with a cloth/washer

Draping a warm wet washer over their tummy can make a new born feel secure in the bath. Make sure you keep covering the washer/cloth in warm water so it doesn't get cold

5  Avoid temperature changes - Warm their towel/clothes

After getting out of a nice warm bath babies can find the temperature shift quite upsetting. If you have a heated towel rail in your bathroom, hang your babies towel and change of clothes on it during the bath, that way they will be snugly and warm. If you don't have a heated towel rail try heating a wheat pack in the microwave and wrapping the clothes and towel in this. (Obviously check the temperature of the clothes before you dress them to make sure they aren't too hot)

Hopefully with these 5 tips Bath time for your newborn will go from stressful to relaxing!

baby hates the bath tips and tricks for new moms to help a newborn relax and enjoy the bath

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