When do I shower when I'm looking after a newborn?


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I remember this days when I was looking after my first newborn and I honestly believed showering was an impossibility. I've learnt a little bit since then. Below are 3 perfect times to have a shower when looking after a newborn. They are listed in my preference order from a practicality perspective.

When is the best time of the day to shower when you are looking after a newborn

The 3 best times to shower when you are a new mum

1. When your baby is awake

Yes it is possible and is really practical. Feed your baby, burp them, change them if needed. Pop them into a bouncer or lay them on a soft mat in the bathroom. Jump in the shower. Babies love the soothing sound of the running water and as an added bonus the warmth in the room and the soothing sound often makes them sleepy. So once you have finished you can settle them to sleep. The bonus being once they are asleep you have already showered so you are ahead of the game!

2. Before your partner goes to work

In the morning feed bub, hand them over to your partner. They can do the burping, changing and maybe even settling them to sleep while you have a shower. Your baby will be fine, they are with someone else who loves them. You can always get back into your PJs if needed, but everyone feels much better after a shower in the morning, even if the plan is just to stay at home and catch up on some sleep.

3. When your baby is asleep

Don't panic that you can't hear your baby for the few minutes that you have a shower. I can assure you, if you left them warm, dry and settled before you jumped in the shower, then they will come to absolutely no harm for the few minutes you take to refresh yourself.

When is the best time of the day to shower when you are looking after a newborn


Sharing is caring!

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