Bread For Kids -The best thing since sliced bread


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What is the best bread for kids?

What's the best thing since sliced bread? Well according to the marketing on bread packaging its thicker sliced bread.

best bread for kids, super thick slices

I have my doubts that in this instance the marketers have got it right. In fact in my view when it comes to bread thickness,  bigger is not necessarily better.

I am not going to promote low carb eating for kids, nor am I going to determine the best bread type or brand. I am just going to suggest we all have a look at bread slice dimensions and make a sensible/common sense choice the next time we are standing in the bread aisle.

Best bread for kids - Some numbers (based on some label reading at my local supermarket)

  • Extra thin, 2 slices:  55g
  • Sandwich, 2 slices:  61g
  • Super Thick, 2 slices:  94g
  • Extra thick, 2 slices:  120g

On the day I visited the supermarket there were approximately 120 loaves of bread available, 11 loaves were sandwich sliced or thinner. This was a relatively good day, my visit was early in the morning so the shelves were fully stocked. On a bad day, there can be even fewer sandwich sliced loaves. I find the selection of bread available in the sandwich sliced ranges is usually much fewer than if I was choosing a thicker sliced style. Many of them are white bread, so there is very very little choice when you are looking for a sandwich sliced wholegrain option.  This is a huge bugbear of mine.  It almost makes me want to throw a mini tantrum in the bread aisle.... but then I remind myself that I am in my 30's and should leave the tantrums to my two-year old. Supermarkets are very slick operations and are pretty good at matching demand, so I suspect most people must be choosing the thicker slices.

Do we need all this extra bread?

I think the common sense answer to this is no. In fact when it comes to kids, especially my kids, I am pretty adamant that they do not need super or extra thick slices. Sandwich will suit them just fine.  I would much rather they fueled up on the fillings between the bread rather than just the bread itself.  Does this make me a mean mum or a sensible mum? I hope the answer is the latter.

So do me a favour the next time you are standing in the bread aisle, opt for a sandwich sliced option. If one isn't available let the supermarket know (i.e. write a little message on a feedback form). If the demand for sandwich slice bread goes up, maybe we will all get to benefit from the greater variety.

p.s. I do find it somewhat of a juxtaposition that just below the wording  "white super thick' is the label "nourish our kids" (first image)

Whats better than sliced bread? The one thing I always check on the label when choosing good bread for my family is that it is sandwich sliced, I think that is a sensible choice for most kids especially pre-schoolers.

Preservatives in bread

Recently there has also been some new research on child behavior and some of the preservatives in bread, it is something I am now also looking at when choosing bread. I will write a bit more when I have actually digested the literature. In the meant time though, I think if a bread has an exceptionally long shelf life, then it's probably worth skipping. Bread should go moldy, it shouldn't stay fresh for weeks!


Whats better than sliced bread? The one thing I always check on the label when choosing good bread for my children

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