A healthy halloween kids play date platter


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Over the past few weeks I have been working on creating a Healthy Halloween Treat Platter for a  my kids and their friends to have at a play date.. My challenge was to do this in a healthy way with out loosing any of the fun factor and keeping it achievable, ie you do not need to be a food artist to do it!

How to make a healthy and fun halloween treats for kids.

Unfortunately my kidlets ended up being unwell on the actual day for the playdate. So the food wasn't enjoyed by anyone other than my munchkins. But it turned out that it was just the distraction we all needed.

How to make a healthy halloween kids play date platter

How to make a healthy and fun halloween food platter for kids.

Mini pea pancake stack

To me spooky food means green food. It's just what springs to mind. So the first thing I did was to perfect the best mini pea pancake recipe. The recipe is easy packed with peas, oats and cottage cheese and has no weird ingredients. My munchkins have been happily eating them for snacks and in their lunch boxes. I've been enjoying them too! So I made them, stacked them and popped in a set of spooky teeth that I got from a $1 shop and bobs your uncle you have the beginnings of your platter.

healthy halloween kids play date food platter peapancake stack

Mandarin pumpkins

Have you seen these on Pinterest? They are literally everywhere. I would love to give credit to the original creator as they are a really simple awesome idea but I am unsure who this is. If it is you please let me know. Any way I made my versions with peeled mandarins and a small stick of cucumber poked in the centre. I have seen versions with celery as well.

Healthy halloween treats with fun pumpkins made from mandarinsGuacamole Dip

I am an absolute fan of avocado, there is nothing not to love about it and I therefore love my kids eating guacamole. The guacamole healthy dip recipe I make is a little but sneaky as I also blend in a fair whack of cucumber into the mix. Making it an awesomely sneaky vegetable manoeuvre on my part! Winning!  I used the shell of the avocado as a serving dish, added a spider and voila it is halloween ready! I served corn chips with it too. But you could serve anything that you want your munchkins to use as dippers!

Coconut Boo-nanas

These have been quite a success story in our house. Again the original boonanas were not my idea. I have seen versions that are white chocolate dipped or just straight bananas. Mine involve coconut yoghurt, desiccated coconut and a few chocolate drops. You can find the full instructions for coconut boonanas right here.

Healthy halloween treat for children. Boonanas made from bananas, coconut and coconut yoghurt

I then just popped all these items on a platter, added a $2 jack o lantern and there you have it, a fun but healthy and veggie filled halloween play date platter.

If you want to take you play date one step further. Then you could try my Spooky Strawberry Yoghurt Bark Here is a little video tutorial. It's quite fun to do!

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Are you a kid food blogger with some healthy halloween ideas? read on.....

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