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Today I mowed the lawns. To be very honest it's been a long time between drinks as far as the lawns are concerned.

Since I've been married and had kids, the responsibility of garden maintenance has become very much 'the man's domain' in my household. 

After my experience today (thanks to my husband's dodgy back) I've come to the conclusion that garden maintenance and specifically lawn mowing is a chore that I (and I think possibly many mums ) should reclaim.

Ha, I also suspect some people may have arrived on this post thinking it was about another sort of "garden maintenance" related to women, i.e. trimming the bush. But alas no, this post is literally about yard maintenance it was not a funny euphemism. I really have put together an article on mowing the lawns for mums, as I feel really strongly about it. 

Lawn Mowing With Kids

Before I regale you with the virtues of lawn mowing for mums.

I want to put out there, one negative related to mowing the lawns when you have kids. Only one though, I promise there are far more positive things about mums tackling garden maintenance than this one negative.

But here it is, the worst thing about mowing laws when you have kids. 

Mowing the lawns with kids takes twice the time it did pre-kids

Same lawns, same mower, same human pushing said mower. The difference, Crap!. More specifically kids' crap everywhere.

When you mow lawns with kids there is a step you have never had to do before. Pack up all the crap.

But once that is done, mowing the lawns is actually pretty darn fantastic. Here are 3 reasons why I plan to reclaim mowing the lawns as my part of the garden maintenance, and why I think other mums should do the same thing.

3 Reasons Mums Should Mow the Lawns

1. Mowing the lawns is quiet

Earmuffs on: No chatter, no whining, no singing, no tantrums, no demands, no banging, no crashing, no crying, no laughing. No noise!

It's the same sort of quiet that you get when you float in the ocean with your ears underwater. It's the sort of quiet a mum of 4 kids just wants to take self-indulgent delight in.

2. Mowing the lawns is satisfying

Mowing the lawns is like vacuuming but better. You can see where you've been. Your lawn looks instantly better. It's instantly gratifying. 

But, unlike vacuuming in a household of children, it remains that way for more than 30 minutes, and if you refer back to point one, there is also silence while you complete the task.

3. Mowing the lawns is exercise

Two birds with one stone.  By mowing the lawns I can't claim I ran a marathon. But I think it might be equivalent to a brisk walk.

I found one study which appears to confirm my suspicions. Apparently 40 minutes of mowing the lawns meets the energy expenditure and intensity requirements for health benefits specified by the American College of Sports Medicine.  

I did an hour. Yes, the study in question was in older men, but no matter. Mowing the lawns is clearly exercise.

I mentioned my plan to my husband. I suggested I could mow the lawns each week.  Whilst he manned the fort inside with the kids.

He looked a little like I suggested playing the sounds of a whining 3 year old on repeat for 8 hours straight.

His expression only further confirmed my suspicions. I have been getting the bum deal. Mowing the lawns is far easier, far more restful, and far more relaxing than looking after the kids whilst someone else mows the lawns

Meme: Keep Calm and Mow The Lawns

Garden Maintenance Mum's Domain?

At the moment my husband and I remain at a crossroads on this clause in our unspoken, yet understood by both parties division of labour policy. i.e who is in charge of lawn mowing in our household.

His back remains dodgy though, so at the moment it is a moot point. I will mow the lawns.  I will continue to stake my claim on this chore, and hopefully, I will succeed in securing it, if not all of the time at least fifty percent of the time!

Do you have strange unspoken rules around household chores, garden maintenance and the division of labour?

Who mows the lawns in your house?

Do you think you might reclaim the chore too?

I would love to hear from you, feel free to comment below.

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