Harry Potter Party Ideas


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My daughter recently turned eight years old, her heart was set on a Harry Potter Themed Birthday Party, which I happily put together for her and her friends.

I came up with 6 Harry Potter Birthday Ideas that were relatively easy to pull off, I've all the details on these ideas in this post so that if you want to recreate any it is not too hard to do

A six photo collage showing a collection of harry potter party ideas

Golden Snitch Hunt

We kicked the party off with a scavenger hunt. The goal was to find all the Golden Snitches hidden in the backyard.

How to make a golden snitch?

To make the golden snitches I used Ferrero Rocher chocolates and golden card that I cut into wing shapes and attached to the chocolates. It was then just a case of hiding the golden snitches!

Ferrero Rocher chocolates with gold carboard wings to look like golden snithces.
A ferrero rocher golden snitch hidden in a tree.

Ollivander's Wands

We made our own Ollivander's wands. This was actually very easy to do but the end result looked great and the kids loved them!

You will need:

  • Chopsticks or regular sticks
  • A hot glue gun
  • Metallic spray paint
Metallic spray paint, hot glue gun, and chopsticks on a white marble bench.

How to make your own DIY Harry Potter Wand

Step one: Drizzle the chopsticks with hot glue, (lumpy and bumpy is what you want)

A chopstick drizzled with clear hot glue.

Step two: Spray with metallic spray paint

A glue covered chopstick being sprayed with metallic gold spray paint.

Step three: Cast some spells!

A hand holding a golden wand.

Sorting Hat Cupcakes

Instead of a birthday cake, I served Harry Potter Cupcakes. These were sorting hat cupcakes, each cupcake was filled with buttercream coloured in one of the four Hogwarts house colours. The cupcakes were topped with an easy-to-make caramel sorting hat cupcake topper. You can find step-by-step instructions to make these Harry Potter Cupcake Toppers on my website.

Chocolate cupcakes topped with chocolate buttercream and a caramel cupcake topper in the shape of a sorting hat from harry potter.
A sorting hat cupcake cut in half to reveal its hidden red butter cream filling.

Honey Dukes Sweet Shop

I was able to find Harry Potter themed sweets online. Like these Bertie Botts every flavour beans. I also tracked down Dumbledore Lemon Sherberts and Jelly Slugs. You could use Freddo Frogs as a stand-in for Honey Dukes Chocolate Frogs.

A packet of bertie botts every flavour beans by jelly belly.

Harry Potter Themed Party Snacks

I served some very simple harry potter themed snacks, snacks that actually required no preparation by me.

  • 'Broomsticks' cheese straws
  • 'Hufflepuffs' cheese twisties
  • 'Dragon Eggs' grapes
Harry Potter themed part snacks on a white bench top.

Butter Beer Tasting

We made and tasted Butterbeer. The 3 ingredient Harry Potter butterbeer recipe I used is on my website.

A glass beer handle filled with butterbeer and whipped cream, brown glass bottle and golden wands in the background.

Invisible Ink

My final party flourish was to give each child a personalised party gift. I found Hogwarts notebooks on clearance and used lemon juice on a cotton bud to write each child's name inside.

The kids then gently heated the page in the book to reveal the writing. This can be done with a light bulb, torch, hairdryer or carefully with an iron.

Four photo collage showing invisble ink made with lemon juice.

I hope these Harry Potter Party Ideas give you some inspiration for throwing your own Harry Potter Birthday Party.

Six photo collage of duy harry potter part ideas with text overlay.

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