34 Valentines Recipes For Kids


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Here are 34 gorgeous Valentine's Day Recipes for Kids.

Ok, before we get too far in I have a slight confession. I am not a huge celebrator of Valentine's Day.

I am not sure if it is because I am a New Zealander and we are maybe a bit removed from the Holiday, or because my Wedding Anniversary falls on February the 18th and my Husband and I are more about celebrating that.

Eeeek I know right, why on earth have I then embarked on rounding up more than 30 of the best Valentine's food ideas for kids?

Because these Valentine's Food ideas for kids are just so lovely

Valentines Recipes For Kids

A collection of Valentine's day recipes and food ideas that kids or the young at heart will absolutely love.

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  1. This selection is so beautiful and inspiring Stacey! I did not think I would do something for the boys on that day but now I will!
    Thank you for sharing ?

  2. These are such cute Valentine's snacks! I am wanting to make some for our kids today! They have a pediatric dentist appointment today after school so I think they deserve something fun after haha! Thanks for sharing!!!