Tofu recipes for kids


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Tofu is such an easy and economical protein to work with. I always have so many people asking about good Tofu recipes for kids and families that I thought I would put together a curated list of easy tofu recipes.

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Why Tofu is awesome for kids

  • Protein-packed and contains nutrients important for growing bodies (calcium, iron).
  • Plant-based eating a plant-based diet has been shown to have health benefits: heart diseasediabetes, and high blood pressure
  • Economical, tofu isn't expensive, so once you have learned interesting ways to cook it you will be onto a winner!

Plant-based diets for kids

I love the way Lisa Patel, MD, FAAP and Amanda Millstein, MD, FAAP describe eating a plant-based diet.

"It does not necessarily mean you stop eating all meat or dairy products. It means that the majority of your food comes from plant-based sources such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, beans, and grains."

Their guidelines for a healthy plant-based diet include:

  • Make at least half of your plate vegetables at lunch and dinner, choosing vegetables that are a variety of colors. Also aim to eat green leafy vegetables at least once per day.
  • Eat smaller amounts of meat or eliminate meat altogether from 1-2 meals per week for your family. Plant-based protein options that can create a filling meal include beans, tofu, lentils, and nuts.
  • Choose healthy fats, which can be found in nuts, seeds, avocado, olives, and olive oils.

Serving Tofu to your kids fits well with these guidelines.

Tofu Recipes For Kids

A collection of delicious kid-friendly tofu recipes I know your whole family will love.

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  1. Thanks so much for including my Maple Ginger Tofu! I can't wait to try some of these fabulous recipes out with my own children! XO.