Panda Cupcakes easy to make perfect kid party food, A video tutorial shows how to make these fun panda creations

Panda Cupcakes



Yield 12 Cupcakes



  1. Ice all 24 cupcakes
  2. Using a food processor blitz the Tim Tams to a fine crumb (you can also use a rolling pin)
  3. Place the cookie crumbs in a bowl, dip the large cupcake icing side down into the crumb to totally coat it, this will be your panda's tummy
  4. Take the small cupcake, use a large choc drop to make the nose
  5. Use 2 small choc drops for eyes 
  6. Use the dark  gel icing to draw the mouth
  7. Place a toothpick in the large cupcake, this will hold your small cupcake in place as the head
  8. Once your small cupcake is in place the next step is ears and arms
  9. Take the choc licorice log slice 2 thin slices (approx 2-3mm thick) and 2 pieces approx one inch long
  10. The thin slices are placed on the head as ears
  11. The two longer pieces are placed either side of the head as arms
  12. Repeat until all the cupckaes are decorated


  • You can either make your own cupcakes from scratch or use a packet mix
  • Frosting/icing, it just needs to be thick and white, cream cheese frosting or buttercream works well
  • I use Arnotts Tim Tams in Dark Chocolate
  • I use RJs choc licorice logs, there are 3 logs per pack

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