Christmas Pudding Cupcakes an easy festive decorating idea for kids, chocolate cupcakes

Christmas Pudding Cupcakes




Yield 12 Cupcakes



  1. Prepare the chocolate cupcake mix as per the recipe or packaging, bake and set aside to cool
  2. Prepare the two frostings as per the recipe or packaging
  3. Gather the kids around
  4. Use the chocolate frosting to first cover the top of the cupcake
  5. Spoon a dollop of the white frosting on top to look a little like a Christmas pudding
  6. Decorate with 1 Jaffa (or red ball-shaped sweet) and 2 spearmint leaves
  7. Or ignore steps 4-7 to create your won Christmas creation, using the frosting and sweets in any order you like
  8. Have fun!


  • You can totally use store bought cupcake mix and frosting, or use your favourite recipes
  • Jaffas are a New Zealand sweet also available in Australia, They are a small chocolate ball covered in an orange choc flavoured candy shell. Not dissimilar to an M& M or  peanut M&M
  • Spearmint leaves are a gummy lolly similar to a jet plane in texture that are a leaf-shaped and spearmint flavoured. You could use any green leaf resembling sweet you have in your country. 

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